Leading Northwest Door Manufacturer

Lakeview Millworks (LVM) takes pride in bringing the warmth and elegance of custom doors to residential and commercial customers throughout the Northwest and Northern California. Their product line satisfies the higher-end of the market and can be seen in many of the finer homes in Lake Tahoe, Sun Valley, San Francisco and Central Oregon. Each custom door is manufactured with precision and care by Pacific Pine Products Inc., who is located in the Southern Oregon town of Lakeview.

Starting out as a small rip and chop millwork plant in the late 1980s, Pacific Pine quickly grew in craftsmanship and capacity and began manufacturing custom wood doors on a larger scale in the late 1990s. The LVM custom door line is known for high-quality based on the use of state-of-the-art, precision-controlled machinery—watch video! This degree of precision allows company to produce both small and large custom runs using multiple species of wood (including reclaimed) in an infinite number of configurations.

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